"Summon up your moxie..."

That's what my horoscope says today. I'm advised to fearlessly face something I've been avoiding. So I'm finally updating this blog.

Moxie and I have been back in the DC metro area for nearly two weeks. But flashing back... In Indiana I generously offered my laptop a few drops of red wine. Turns out that PC couldn't hold its alcohol. Two days later I bought a new Mac. Now I'm tallying the myriad glitches that switching platforms can engender. So far my camera and my MP3 player remain unintroduced to the new Powerbook.

So I have no pictures to share, I'm sorry to say. I've been investigating the question I posed in Wyoming about the draw of the East. I have some thoughts on that, but can better convey them with the assistance of photos when all systems are "go" again.

I haven't decided when we'll hit the road, though Moxie says she's getting antsy. Our departure will most likely be sometime during the month of June, and we'll most likely head to the Pacific Northwest. As soon as we release the parking brake, regular posts will resume. Because this blog is about traveling with Moxie -- and moxie.